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Wanna re-visit Arkham Asylum while you’re playing Arkham City?

6 Video Games That Put Insane Detail Into Stuff You Missed

#6. Batman: Arkham City Has a Whole Gotham You Can’t Access

Batman: Arkham City is a game about Batman punching criminals in the face, because fuck yes it is. It takes place within the confines of the eponymous open-world prison, but while you explore it you can see skyscrapers and landmarks from nearby Gotham in the distance — basically just background wallpaper, like the green hills in Super Mario Bros. Obviously, since the player can’t go beyond the walls of the prison area, you’d assume the developers just threw up some pictures of the skyline and called it a day. But no, they went through the trouble of creating an entire ghost city out there that you can’t even touch. The only way to access it — which 99 percent of gamers won’t be aware of, never mind bother with — is to use an obscure glitch to send yourself flying up out of the game world, at which point you can soar through the air like some kind of small, airborne mammal. A flying squirrel, maybe?

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